Palani Loganathan

Managing Director

Audio Planet, Bangalore

“A mask to protect and not be an irritable is like asking the night to be cool and yet as vibrant as day. After using a few masks of varying protection claim, was on the lookout for the best balance between protection, comfort and breathing. I was referred by a friend to Fairy design masks , I found it meet my demands on many fronts , some features of the mask like the sling and the Velcro exceeded the expectations and gave an insight into the thoughts of the design team behind the product .

We live in a world where tall claims by product manufacturers have turned out to be false, the QUAD-Pro Fairy masks being backed by respected certification and internationally proven anti-viral technologies added to my ease of making a decision and also to my confidence of being protected. The nose clip to ensure performance is a feature that I like too”

Shyam Sunder

Managing Director

4Dimensions, Bangalore

“After trying multiple masks, the first reaction seeing the quality of Fairy Masks was WOW!

On using 2 masks had a wonderful feeling on every feature thoughtfully incorporated and specially Breathability and all were like added bonus to me.

The best part is that now me, my family, my friends and colleagues in office collectively using over 200 Masks have all become fans of Fairy Masks and also completely appreciate the constant innovation they bring about in the products along with consistent quality every time.

Cheers to the promoters and innovators at Fairy design for this wonderful product. Would Highly recommend to anyone!”

Vinayak Sanjay Urs


ADA India, Bangalore

“Mask is a necessity today, but using any mask may not be helpful. Face Masks of Fairy Designs is of very high quality and if you are not willing to compromise on quality, just go for it.!! The mask is thick yet High on Breathability and the cloth wrapped elastic doesn’t leave any mark on your ears. I have used it for almost continuous 12 hours but never felt uncomfortable at anytime. A great product!

Adip Sajjan Raj


ADA India, Bangalore

“The face masks are very comfortable and is of premium quality. It has great face coverage and has a snug fit with great room for breathing. The add on clothing to the elastic cord makes it very comfortable for wearing the masks for longer durations. Add on is having our logo on the mask creates a sense of ownership in mask! Fairy did this too excellently”

Capt. Vikram Manohar


“An exceptional and amazing product that is complete in all respects of utility, functionality and aesthetics. Truly a masterpiece. Great work Rajeev and Fairy team and thanks for giving me an opportunity to experience it”

Dinesh M C

Past President FKCCI

“Of all the masks that I’ve tried and used, QUAD-Pro Masks from Fairy Designs have exceeded the expectations that I could have from any mask. Every feature incorporated therein speaks of innovation & excellence in quality. They are most comfortable and easy to wear masks. I strongly recommend QUAD-Pro Masks who is seeking for a great quality product.”

Srinivas Asranna


Peenya Industries Association


“These masks are very exclusive, so much different, so superior to any other mask that I have used, super design & features. Soon after experiencing the usage for 2 days I placed 10 nos for my family. Truly the protection product needed in these trying times. I very strongly recommend Fairy masks for all.”

Malatesh Patil

Managing Director

Advanced Micro Services, Bangalore

“Truly a Class one!! Never thought so much fine workmanship, design, fine cloth, comfort can go into mask, sir you get ? marks ?.
For those who haven’t used it, You have to Wear it to Believe it. What I liked is
1. Comfort of fit & Breathing
2. Velcro to fold the mask
3. Neck Sling
4. Soft &Gentle Elastic cord for ears. You will see lot of thought has gone into Design & Comfort.
I am so proud that it is an Indian product.”

Halaswamy Magod

Managing Director

Magod Laser Machining, Bangalore

“Very well thought and neetly finished product, extremely good looking and comfortable to use. Lot of design efforts have gone in addressing lot of funtional problems of masks “

Col. Ramesh Timmapur


“With Corona Pandemic here to stay, mask has become part of the apparel. I have been using ‘Fairy’ masks and I am very impressed with the material used, the grip, breathability and comfort of wearing on the ears.

My problem of fogging of spects has been resolved which was a big issue with number of masks I have tried including best names in the market. All in all I am happy that I found this mask. I have been recommending this mask to my near and dear ones. I wish the team Fairy all the best !!”

Veena Desai

Chief Planning & Statistical Officer, KSRTC, Bangalore

“I have been using the masks by Fairy Design Inc for 4 months now. Since I work in an Essential Services sector, I was required to attend my duties even during lockdown. Hence wearing a good mask which not only provides protection but is also comfortable throughout the day was imperative. That is when I came across the QUAD-Pro masks of Fairy.
Apart from being colourful, perfect fit and attractive, they are extremely comfortable and hindrance-free. I have never had instances of suffocation, mask falling below my nose or need to remove mask while speaking. Thank you Fairy Design.”





“Srinath here, received the 4 masks today that I ordered on your online store.
Am absolutely thrilled with the overall design and the thoughtful additions like the Velcro to keep it compact and the neck string which I thot was the highlight!, finally a true XL size that fits BIG faces like mine.
Kudos to you and your team for the design, production & marketing of this product.
Will recommend this to friends and family! Cheers, Srinath”